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3-Colour Mandala Set - 1 Activity Book + 1 Colouring Book                

4-Colour Mandala Set 1 Activity Book + 1 Colouring Book  


Product Specifications:

Size of books: 10.5cm x 15cm
Size of Mandalas: 7cm x 7cm
Weight per set: 263g
Weight of colouring book: 90g
Number of designs: 60 per set

Retail Price: S$19.90 per set
Colouring Book: S$5.90 each, available separately

3-Colour Activity Book: 978-981-08-3305-3
4-Colour Activity Book: 978-981-08-3306-0
3-Colour Colouring Book: 978-981-08-3309-1
4-Colour Colouring Book: 978-981-08-3310-7

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