Everyday Mandala™

Everyday Mandala™ 
is a series of Printables designed to help children and adults develop photographic memory and visualization abilities.  

Everyday Mandala™ challenges older children (6 years and above) by its more intricate designs, compared to Everyday Mandala for Children™ series of books which were first published in 2009 as home practice materials for children from 3 years old onwards.  In fact, the designs in Everyday Mandala™ are also suitable for adults who are interested in practicing photographic memory through the use of Mandalas. 

We highly recommend parents who are already familiar with Everyday Mandala for Children™ to let your children have fun working on this  Advanced Series  of Printables as a follow-up practice for the original 3-colour/ 4-colour series.  If you would like to know more about Everyday Mandala for Children™, please click here to go to main page.

There is also a  colour variation  set from each volume that makes this set extremely attractive for parents who wish to give your child the extra practice he needs. 

To determine if the  Advanced Series  is suitable for your child, we include a first page level (design not repeated in actual Printables) for you to print and try with your child.  The level of difficulty increases progressively for all the mandala sets.  Click here for sample designs.

Product Specifications:

  • Size of printables: A4 (29.7cm x 21cm)
  • Size of Image: Approx. 10cm x 10cm
  • Number of designs: 30 per set + 1 set of colour variation
  • Number of images per page: 2
  • Total number of pages per set: 60 coloured pages + 30 uncoloured pages
  • File format: Adobe PDF (Version 5 and above)
  • Number of Sets Available: 2 sets (Volume1 / Volume 2)
  • Retail Price: S$10.00 per set (subjected to changes without prior notification)

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To know more about Mandalas and other information, 

please refer to  FAQs .  

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FAQs on Advanced Volumes:

Q: Should I let my child complete all the 60 pages - including the colour variation set - before moving on to Volume 2? Can I proceed to Volume 2 after completing the first 30 Mandalas?

If your child feels ready to move on to the second volume after completing 30 from the first volume, please proceed to do so.  He can always come back to the colour variation set after he has completed both volumes.  However, if you find his confidence wavering due to many mistakes made in the first volume, we suggest that you proceed with the colour variation set so as to give your child more practice before moving on to the more intricate designs in Volume 2.

Q: My child is 5 years old.  Should I get him the 4-colour books set or the Advanced level?

For questions relating to starting your child off with the age-appropriate mandala set, we encourage you to try out the Free Printables for assessing your child's readiness.    Please click here: Printable Mandalas.

Every child is different, and age does not determine abilities.  These exercises are designed to help in developing photographic memory abilities and confidence in remembering visual details at a glance.  If your 5 year-old or older child has not been introduced to any form of photographic memory training prior to this, consider using the 4-colour set of Everyday Mandala for Children™, or the 4-colour Graphics Editon Printables.  These sets contain simpler designs that are ideal for beginners.  Please print the Free Printables to assess your child's readiness.  Here is the link: Printable Mandalas.

Q: We have not been practising for some time.  Can I introduce my child to the Advanced Volumes now?

If your child is 6 and above and is familiar with these photographic memory exercises, the Advanced Volumes are suitable for him.  However, we suggest that you let your child try out the first page level of Volume 1 before deciding.  If your child shows interest you can be assured.  If he finds them too challenging, you may wish to consider going for the 4-C Graphics Edition to pick up the practice again before proceeding with the Advanced Volumes.

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Due to different colour settings, the colours shown on your computer screen may look different from your own prints.
The patterns in this series of books are based solely on visual appeal and are NOT symbols of any religions and organizations.
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