Q: What is Mandala?

The word "mandala" is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, loosely translated to mean "circle".  In its visual form, Mandalas are often kaleidescopic and symmetrical with a centre radiating inward or outward, creating a kind of wholeness.  These can be found in nature including flowers, the spiral on snails/shells, the rings on tree trunks, and the Milky Way.  If you wish to find out more about the Mandala and its usefulness, please visit:

Q: Why use Mandalas?  What is unique about using Mandalas compared to other forms of photographic memory activities?

See answer under Comments on Videos page.  


EVERYDAY MANDALA FOR CHILDREN™ is designed with the intention of providing parents with a ready source of printed materials so parents can free up the time in making photographic memory materials to be with their children.  Besides, printing Mandalas consumes tremendous amount of ink and colours may appear faded when ink runs low.  

In EVERYDAY MANDALA FOR CHILDREN™, the level of difficulty increases as your child moves on.  We take care not to make the Mandalas too complex or too easy so that children will continue to find them challenging yet fun and stimulating.

As results depend very much on parental commitment and regular practice, EVERYDAY MANDALA FOR CHILDREN™ emphasizes captivating and non-repetitive designs so parents and children can have something to look forward to everyday. If practiced everyday, EVERYDAY MANDALA FOR CHILDREN™ provides parents with non-repetitive materials to last a few months!

Q: How do I go about conducting the activity?

Read How to Use on Everyday Mandala for Children™ page.  You may also watch the Video to get some ideas.

Q: My child insists on colouring the entire Mandala.  Should I let her do that?

You can let your child colour the entire Mandala if she likes to - after she has completed the exercise.  Colouring mandalas is a joyful experience that brings about calm, peace and inner harmony.  After the practice, allow her to use different colours if she likes to.  It is a form of creative self-expression which also develops patience in young children.

Q: My children are over 4 years of age.  Is EVERYDAY MANDALA FOR CHILDREN™ suitable for them? 

The Age indication on the Cover only serves as a guide.  This series of activity books are suitable for children up to 7 years of age.  In fact, for older children and adults who are not familiar with photographic memory exercises and Mandala-colouring, they find them challenging too! You may click here for Printable Mandalas to check your child’s ability.  Please also look out for Everyday Mandala™ suitable for older children.

Q: My daughter is 4 years old.  Should I start her off with the 3 colours or 4 colours Mandala?

The Age indication on the Book Cover only serves as a guide.  The level of difficulty increases as you move on, so some 3-colour Mandalas may also be challenging for your 4-year-old. Some parents include the 3-colours in between the 4-colours for their 4 year-olds to add variety and to boost their children’s confidence.  The key is to practice everyday!

Q: What is the colouring book?  Do I need to order the colouring book if I am interested in getting both sets of Mandala books? 

Each set of EVERYDAY MANDALA FOR CHILDREN™ contains Activity book and 1 Colouring book.  The Activity book contains the coloured Mandala while the Colouring book contains the uncoloured Mandalas for your children to colour on.  If you have 2 children, you will need to order an extra copy of the colouring book for both titles.  There are also parents who purchase extra colouring books to let their children go another round after completing all the Mandalas.

Q: My child has done more complex Mandalas than the initial ones introduced in your books.  Will EVERYDAY MANDALA FOR CHILDREN™ be suitable for him? 

As long as your child feels that the last stage of either book is somewhat challenging, it will still be worth your while getting the books. Some parents get their children to draw out the entire Mandala that is flash to them before filling in the colours.  That adds to the challenge and versatility of the activity.


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Q: Do you ship overseas?  How much are the books in other currency and what is the cost of delivery like?

For deliveries to NON-SINGAPORE ADDRESSES, please proceed to Order Form for the latest promotion.  All costs related to shipping of goods (delivery costs, tax, customs and other charges etc.) shall be borne by the customer, and receipt of payment must be confirmed before shipment of goods, unless otherwise stated.

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Q: How can I make payment for my purchases?

We accept Paypal (for overseas addresses) and inter-bank transfers (for Singapore addresses).  Credit card payment is acceptable via Paypal.  Cash on delivery is available on a case-by-case basis for deliveries in Singapore. 

Q: How soon will I receive my order?

All orders are sent via Singpost unless otherwise stated.  The parcels are packed and sent to the post office within 2 woking days from receipt of payment.  

For local orders, it will take not more than 2 working days for the package to reach you. We use only trackable mail including Smartpac, A.M. Mail and Registered Mail.  Bulk orders for local orders (more than 6 sets of books) are despatched through Courier Service. This is done within 2 working days. 

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Q: What is in the Graphics Edition?  If I would like my children to practice Mandala colouring, do I need to purchase the Graphics Edition?

The pictures in the graphics edition are not Mandalas.  They may not be symmetrical in shapes and colours.  If you are going to introduce Mandala-colouring to your children, you may include the Graphics Edition to complement their daily practice for extra fun and variety.  More information is available oEveryday Mandala for Children™ Graphics Edition page.

Q: I have trouble getting my prints out in full A4 size.  What should I do?

First click on the link and select the printer icon on Google Docs (instead of your browser).  Next, right-click to get pop-up menu and select 'Print'.  Preview your prints.  If they take up only half the page, select 'landscape' instead of 'portrait' on your printer setting to achieve full page printing.  

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