How to Use

Prepare 3 (or 4) coloured pencils – Blue, Yellow and Red (and Green).

Begin by sitting your child onto a comfortable position with a table in front of him. When he is ready, flash the Mandala about an arm's length away from him for up to 2 seconds.  Ensure that you are holding the Mandala upright by checking on the printed words in the corner.  Allow your child to close his eyes for about 2 seconds to visualize the image before placing the uncoloured Mandala onto the table in front of him and asking him to apply a stroke of color in each area corresponding to the image he captured. When your child has completed all the areas, show him the Mandala to verify the colours.  You may allow your child to complete the colouring if he likes to.

Always be positive and end the session on a happy note.  Remember to praise your child if he gets it right, and give credit for efforts (e.g. good try!) if your child gets it wrong.  

Advice: Conduct this exercise once a day on a daily basis.

Alternative Mandala practice method:

When you child has completed the colouring activities, you may wish to hold the Mandala up against a plain wall, and ask your child to stare at the Mandala for about 5 seconds focusing on the centre of the Mandala.  Then, ask him to close his eyes and visualize the image of the Mandala in his mind.  If your child can visualize the image with his eyes closed, ask him to hold the image there for as long as he can. This practice helps boost your child’s photographic memory and visualizing abilities.  In fact, you can also join in the practice!