Eye Training

Daily eye training exercises improve eye movement and help in speed reading.
Eye Training Printables

Select the printable that is appropriate for your child.  Age indication guides are labeled below the Zigzag file titles.  Double click to enlarge image to print.  If you wish to go back to print the rest, DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER, but select the 'back' button instead.  Print and insert each of your print-out into a clear folder or transparent protective sheet and it is ready to use!  

How to use:

Start by sitting your child in a comfortable position with a table in front of him. Hold your child's hand and run his pointer along the line from dot to dot. This is to be done as fast as possible.  Your child's head should not move while his eyes are tracking the lines.  Older children can track the lines without using their pointer. For variation, these printouts can be used vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).  You may pick a dot from any corner of the page to begin these exercise.

  Zigzag Baby         Zigzag Junior      Zigzag Advanced
 3 years and up       4 years and up       5 years and up 

Crisscross Baby         Crisscross Junior        

Star Baby            Star Junior         Star Advanced                        

Try this Eye Training Video!  

To watch on full screen, Click here and select the Full Screen icon 
on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Another creation inspired by The Shichida Method!  

At The Shichida Method, eye training is conducted using electronic file which shows the movement of a ball in zigzag and crisscross manner. This video serves the same purpose. Audio can be switched on/off depending on your preference.

Play Memory Games!
You can ask your child to 'spot the superboy'.  After the video, ask your child if he could recall how many times the superboy appeared, or which side the superboy always appear in (right/left)!