Printable Mandalas

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Print and use these Mandalas to determine the appropriate series for your child*.
E.g., if your child completes the 3-colour Mandala first page level effortlessly, let him try the last page (pg.60) level the following day. If he completes it effortlessly, let him try the last page level of the 4-colour the following day.  

To print, simply select the image you want, click on it and select File > Print Current Frame.  Cut along the dotted line, and you are ready to play!  Go to 'How to Use' if you need instructions.

              3 Colours, first page level: 
                 3 Colours, last page level:   
                  4 Colours, first page level:
                  4 Colours, last page level:

Size of the above printables are different from size of the books.

You need Adobe Acrobat V. 5 and above to open the following files.
    Size of the following printables are the same as size of the actual printables.  Click here  for more details.
Printing instructions: To print the sample images, you need to select your desired image, click on the 'Print' function from the 'File' that is under 'Google docs' instead of the print function from your browser. Please uncheck 'fit to page' function on your printer setting and select 'landscape'.

                Advanced Vol. 1, first page level:

                Advanced Vol. 2, last page level:

To access the Advanced Vol. 2, last page level, you need to register a Google docs account.  It is free and it quick to register.  Simply click on 'Create an account now', select to 'Use a different email' if you do not wish to open a gmail account (e.g. you can use your yahoo/hotmail email address).

Once you have registered a Google docs account, contact us so we can forward you the link.  Use the link to open the Advanced Vol. 2, last page level.  If you are able to access this page, you are ready to access your paid Printables.

The following is a screen shot of the sample above.  Your Advanced level PDF Printable should look like this before you select the Print icon.

If your child enjoys these printables, 
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