Everyday Mandala for Children™ Graphics Edition

Everyday Mandala for Children™ Graphics Edition is designed to support the practice of Photographic Memory and Visualization.  It can be used along with the 3-colours/4-colours Mandala books, or independently as an alternative to the Mandalas.

The difference in the Graphics Edition is that the pictures are not Mandalas.  They are non-symmetrical in shapes and colours.  If you are going to introduce or have already started Mandala-colouring practice with your child, we recommend the Graphics Edition as a complement to their daily photographic memory practice.  The Graphics come in different forms and irregular shapes to create extra fun and variety, with some designs are totally out of this world!

With the Graphics Edition, it means MORE non-repetitive practice materials for your child!  Available in 2, 3 and 4 colours!

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Product Specifications:

  • Size of printables: A4 (29.7cm x 21cm)
  • Size of Image: Approx. 10cm x 10cm
  • Number of designs: 32 per set + 1 set of colour variation
  • Number of images per page: 1
  • Number of pages per set: 64 colored pages + 30 uncolored pages
  • File format: Adobe PDF (Version 5 and above)
  • Number of Sets Available: 3 sets (2-colour/3-colour/4-colour)
  • Retail Price: S$10.00 per set (subjected to changes without prior notification)

FAQs on Graphics Edition:

Q: How and when do I introduce the Graphics Edition?

It is advisable to use the pictures in the Graphics Edition after your child has gone through at least 10 of the Mandalas from either books.  You may use these pictures in conjunction with any Mandalas of the same level. 

Q: Which Graphics Edition is suitable for my child?

The Graphics Edition comes in series of 2-colours, 3-colours and 4-colours.  2-colours can be used for 2 and a half year onwards, 3-colours for 3 year onwards and 4-colours for 4 year onwards.  As children learn differently, it is up to you to assess your child's ability in selecting the more appropriate one.  E.g. Some parents like to use simpler images to boost their child's confidence before moving on to the more complex designs.

Q: Which 2 colours are used in the 2-Colour Grahics Edition?

The 2-Colour Graphic Edition is designed to start your 2-year-old on the practice of photographic memory.  The images are formed by basic shapes, with the use of any 2 combinations of Blue, Yellow and Red.   

How to Use the 2-Colour Edition:

You can either prepare the relevant colour pencils for your child, or allow him to pick the right colours out of the 3 (red, blue and yellow).  

After each practice, you can set your child thinking by talking about the image. Ask “What do you think this image look like?” This is a technique similar to pointing at a cloud in the sky and getting your child to imagine what the cloud looks like. It is an effective way to practice visualization and boosts language development as you introduce new words to your child (e.g. crescent, claw, bassinet, party-hat, tower, etc.).

Q: Do the printables come in a set too?

The printables come in a set, with 1 PDF file containing coloured images and another PDF file containing the matching uncoloured images.

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